greenington-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-exotic greenington-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-exotic
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greenington-gsk005e-skol-footrest-exotic-2 greenington-gsk005e-skol-footrest-exotic-2
greenington-gsk005e-skol-footrest-exotic greenington-gsk005e-skol-footrest-exotic
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greenington-gsk005e-skol-seat-shape greenington-gsk005e-skol-seat-shape
greenington-gsk005e-skol-front-exotic greenington-gsk005e-skol-front-exotic
gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-detail gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-detail
gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool
gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-front gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-front
gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-side gsk005e-gsk006e-skol-counter-and-bar-stool-side
ida-international-design-awards ida-international-design-awards
greenington-gsk005e-skol-parts-exotic greenington-gsk005e-skol-parts-exotic
greenington-gsk005e-skol-angle-exotic-silo-2 greenington-gsk005e-skol-angle-exotic-silo-2
greenington-gsk005e-skol-side-exotic-silo greenington-gsk005e-skol-side-exotic-silo
greenington-gsk005e-skol-angle-exotic-silo greenington-gsk005e-skol-angle-exotic-silo
greenington-gsk005e-skol-front-exotic-silo greenington-gsk005e-skol-front-exotic-silo

Skol Bar and Counter Stools


Greenington’s comfortable and inviting Skol offers a hand crafted oval shaped seat of triply ply laminated bamboo; sturdy splayed legs and well placed foot rests. The tapered legs and cross pieces are thickest where they need to support load-bearing joints, and gracefully become more slender as the design allows.

Manufactured to meet the demands of both commercial or residential use, the Skol is strong, sturdy and supremely comfortable seating available in two heights; an ideal perch for a residential kitchen island or as a stylish bar chair for public spaces.

Expertly crafted in exotic bamboo with the character, strength and beauty of tropical hardwood, the rich color of exotic bamboo lends warmth to any space. No stain is used, the color and texture of exotic bamboo is achieved through the process of caramelizing the natural sugars in the bamboo with heat and pressure.

Variation in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid bamboo and is considered a benchmark of quality.

Winner of two IDA – International Design Awards, the Skol stool received a Gold in the category of Sustainable Living / Environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design and a Silver award in the category of Design for Society / Eco-Sustainable Design.

Greenington’s bar and counter stool collection makes it easy for you to promote sustainability in a lovely, classic and functional way in your home.




Counter Height Stool

18″W 14″D 26″H

Bar Height Stool

18″W 14″D 30″H




  • Crafted in 100% solid Moso bamboo
  • No plywood, particle board, or MDF
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable resource
  • Exotic Bamboo 100% harder than Red Oak
  • Fully assembled case goods
  • Case pieces feature all 4 sides finished

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