Dealer Spotlight: Haiku Designs

Dealer Spotlight: Haiku Designs

Name: Jovanna Fierro
Role / Title: Merchandising Manager

Company Name: Haiku Designs
Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR

Why we love them: Haiku sells eco-friendly and high quality furniture, natural bedding, gifts and accessories from their showroom and their online store with a mission to help customers create “Harmony in the Home”; a space of rest, relaxation and enjoyment.

Describe your business in a nutshell:

Haiku Designs is dedicated to helping people bring harmony and peace into their home through clean, beautiful products of exquisitely timeless design. We believe in high-quality products that will endure the test of time. We believe in clean, elegant, modern design that transcends trends. We want to help our customers achieve their sleek, stylish, eco-friendly, dream home.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1990.

What inspired you to start it?

Originally, Haiku Designs sold framed calligraphy artwork and Asian lamps after being inspired by the Asian, Zen philosophies of simplicity and harmony with nature. Steadily, we expanded to include every room in the home, offering bedroom, dining, living, and home office furniture, to help our customers achieve that same feeling of tranquility throughout their entire home. 

How are you different than your competitors/peers?

Our extraordinarily personal customer service is unmatched. When you call us, you won’t get a machine or put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. Our Haiku Concierge is here for you and whatever you may need. One of two people will answer your call meaning you’ll never experience the frustration of needing to explain your situation to a different person every time you call. Our Haiku Concierges, Evan and Leah, remember your inquiry, remember your name, remember you. To our staff you are a person, not a purchase order number.

Have a question? Give us a call! Need a few more details and help comparing products? Let us know! Need some help making a decision or help with the site? We are here to help!

What sold you on deciding to sell Greenington products?

What didn’t? Elegant, timeless designs. High-quality construction for smooth, easy use, and exceptional durability. An incredible and beautifully natural, eco-friendly alternative to solid hardwood. Amazing, hardworking staff at Greenington who are always available and go above and beyond for their retail partners. It was the easiest decision we could’ve made.

What is your favorite Greenington piece?

I have to mention several because deciding on one would be impossible. 

I love the Sienna Bedroom in Caramelized. The tapered legs, the slatted headboard, the sleek drawer pulls – I love it all. 

Another favorite of mine is the Rowan Media Center in Havana. Its slatted front allows access to media consoles without the need for open shelving, permitting a cleaner, more elegant display. Not to mention the gorgeous finish! 

I could easily go through the whole catalog this way, but I’ll only mention one more and that is the Azara Occasional Collection. Its classic, Mid-Century Modern design, the slim open shelving beneath the tabletop, and of course the striking, tiger bamboo accent! Just, perfect.

We are proud to partner with Haiku as a dealer of Greenington furniture. Their commitment to harmony in the home with offering high-quality, eco-friendly products is equally matched by the harmony they bring customers through their outstanding service.


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