Dealer Spotlight: Nest Bedding

Dealer Spotlight: Nest Bedding

Name: Brooke Alexander, Charlie Eisenbarth
Role / Title: National Sales Manager / Operations Manager

Company Name: Nest Bedding
Location: Santa Monica CA

Why we love them: Nest sells high quality, environmentally responsible mattresses and bedding online and in their brick and mortar stores. As a companion to their quality mattresses, their in-person showrooms showcase Greenington beds as a featured product line.

Describe your business in a nutshell:

We are a family owned and operated company specializing in affordable luxury goods made in the USA, focused on non-toxic bedding and mattresses. We have 11 stores nationwide and are expanding, as well as an online store.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2011.

What inspired you to start it?

Our father, Joe Alexander, had worked in several capacities in sales in mattress and bedding companies. He saw how much they were getting it wrong in terms of quality of materials and, when the natural and non toxic movement began, he knew he could do it better. He opened up his first store in the Bay Area, and then another, and then it grew from there. 

Non-toxic/natural has been a core component from the onset, and it’s refreshing to know we were at the forefront of that. We’re increasing the visibility of this issue internally by bringing a healthy product and material to the customer; by sourcing the cleanest, most natural component available; and also contributing to the cohesive life cycle (from the onset of pulling the material to manufacturing) by having the value chain be beneficial for all those involved.

How are you different than your competitors/peers?

Behind the scenes we’ve had a very small core of people to bring forth our concept and values; we want to make sure that every customer experiences the quality, knows what they have invested in, and feels confident in their purchase. People are used to a nameless person behind the phone processing their order, but we try to bring a personal touch to it. I think it’s important to create loyalty by building a person to person relationship. We have the most success in our stores (our success comes from referrals), although it’s a little harder to do online.

How *do* you create that relationship online?

Brooke: We humanize the situation; by connecting with our customers on a basic human level, we can give them a customized approach. Our sales people are not cookie cutter – we’re not looking to capitalize every sale at the highest price level, we’re trying to listen to the customer and customize our approach based on their needs.

Charlie: We’ve all experienced the caliber of product Nest offers – so for example, I have scoliosis, and this mattress has actually made a big difference in the lives of me and my wife. There is a huge variety in mattresses: people have different bodies, different jobs and health issues, so we have mattresses that speak to each person individually. People experience different injuries or excess fatigue or other issues, so we train staff to ask the right questions. You don’t get this brand where we create a product and the customer conforms to it, the product conforms to the customer because we find the best fit for them. 

How did you first hear about Greenington?

Charlie: We stopped into the Las Vegas Market showroom in 2016 and met (Greenington Sales Manager) Ron Holliday. I got excited about the brand: sustainability, affordability, and quality.

What sold you on deciding to sell Greenington products?

Brooke: When you walk through the Las Vegas Market everyone is selling the same stuff. When we saw Greenington it was the first time we said, “Wow, that’s something different!” It fits more in line with what our consumers want: modern, sleek design, unique touches (like the Tiger Stripe across the headboard), etc.

What is your favorite Greenington piece?

Brooke: Mercury is really beautiful. It’s very simple but that’s what I love about it, the exotic wood is really gorgeous. I also really love the Azara caramelized coffee table.

Charlie: The upholstery on the Mercury bed! Our leadership team really drools over it, we’re all just waiting until we can get one in our own homes. And I really love the Azara 6 drawer dresser in sable.

If you could describe Greenington in one word, what would it be?

Both: Conscious

We are proud to partner with Nest as a dealer of Greenington beds. We think their commitment to quality, customer service and satisfaction as well as environmental sustainability is a perfect fit…just like their mattresses.


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