Introducing Our New Color Finishes

Introducing Our New Color Finishes

Just in time for 2020, we are thrilled to share our two new finish colors that bring a whole new look to our always beautiful, sustainable, and durable furniture: Amber and Ruby

New Colors Through A New All-Natural Process

For a while now, our furniture craftspeople have been working on a process to create more vibrant color choices through a natural process that works in harmony with the bamboo.

After a time of study and experimentation, we were able to develop two new color options for our pieces with a unique technique.

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The Heat Is On

First, through careful experimentation and using the latest technology, our furniture makers devised a progressive new process using a precise combination of temperature and humidity. This process heats the individual bamboo slats to just the right temperature (being careful not to damage the bamboo fibers as they do). The pieces are then allowed to cool. This unique heating/cooling process is repeated several times to carefully coax out these darker, rich tones in a natural caramelization process.

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A New Angle

Next, our craftspeople developed a new method of combining the deeply caramelized Moso bamboo slats together to bring out a striking variation of color in the bamboo panels. 

By changing the selection and arrangement of the bamboo pieces, they were able to achieve a new contrast in appearance and create a dramatic bamboo grain with continuous colors throughout the entire material.

The result is two new vibrant color choices that are already getting rave reviews all around.

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We love these new finishes and the opportunities they offer to create bold statements in your home while keeping the promise of sustainable, eco-friendly living.

Our new products using these new colors will be available soon.

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