New Report from The Sustainability Consortium Shows the Importance of Supply Chain Transparency

New Report from The Sustainability Consortium Shows the Importance of Supply Chain Transparency

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) released its 2019 Impact Report earlier this month, “Reaching Sustainability Through Transparency.” The report showcases year-over-year trends in sustainability reporting, and is part of TSC’s mission to translate the “best sustainability science into business tools…to create more sustainable consumer products…to drive environmental and social sustainability impact.” (source)

The key area of sustainability focused on in this report is product supply chain transparency.

“Transparency can demystify complex supply chains, and help different actors identify and minimize risks and improve conditions on the ground and inform whether and where progress is being made.”

Toby Gardner and others, World Development Journal

TSC’s latest report shows that product manufacturers which track their supply chain sources and processes have better insights into their own global operations and, through those insights, have more opportunity for making sustainable and environmentally responsible choices for their product and how it is made.

The 2019 report shows a 30% increase in transparency from the previous year. 

“Companies are increasingly taking action by setting science-based targets and committing to make products more sustainable.”

Elizabeth Sturcken, Managing Director, EDF+Business, EDF

At Greenington, we strive to have full insight into every aspect of our furniture from soil to store. Carefully analyzing the sustainability of the many pieces and processes that go into our furniture is not just a point of pride, it’s a passion. One that we stand by every day.

Read the full report from TSC and learn more about how transparency in supply chains is making the sustainability difference.

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