Trend Watch: Modern Living Room Furniture

Trend Watch: Modern Living Room Furniture

It seems “modern” is the talk of the town everywhere we turn in the furniture world these days. Sleek lines, simple textures, natural materials, and an overall clean and timeless look is sweeping show rooms and living rooms across the country.

Here are the modern living room design trends we are seeing celebrated by top designers and industry professionals to consider for your own home:

1. Natural, organic materials – an emphasis on the relationship between people and the environment is re-emerging in furniture and home design. From fabrics to hard materials, nature knows best.

2. Less is more – inspired by the Marie Kondo movement, sparser living spaces free of clutter (both in style and objects) are being more sought after.

3. Mixed media – combining materials (like metal and wood) and textures make for a more dynamic look.

4. Statement coffee tables – creating a focal point for conversation and a conversation starter all in one.

5. Sustainability – living spaces that reflect personal values and come from responsible sources is no longer a fad, but an expectation.

Regardless of personal style, these are living room style trends from the modern aesthetic that can work with every home. See our Instagram feed and Pinterest boards for design inspirations to take these ideas further.

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