Why Join the Sustainable Furnishings Council

Why Join the Sustainable Furnishings Council

At Greenington, our commitment to creating high quality, sustainable furniture isn’t just about the bottom dollar – it’s a commitment to a global movement to live more responsibly in every way.

There are thousands of companies committed to this same ideal and one organization that is leading the way in the furniture industry, to raise standards and hold manufacturers accountable, is the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC).

About the SFC

Founded in October 2006, the SFC is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry.

“There is overwhelming scientific consensus that our world is experiencing dangerous global climate change, and equally overwhelming evidence that environmental pollutants are harming our health. It is urgent that we take immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, reduce other pollutants, and remove unsustainable materials and harmful chemical inputs from all furnishings product platforms. SFC supports members of the industry in taking those steps.” 

Sustainable Furnishings Council

The SFC’s mission is to help companies reduce their environmental footprints as they grow, and to help consumers find healthy furnishings.  To do so, they provide the education, promotion, and networking opportunities to raise consumer interest in environmentally safe furnishings.

Why Join

Being a member of SFC means that your company is part of supporting “the triple bottom line of PEOPLE – PLANET – PROFITS.” SFC Members lead the industry in best practices throughout their supply chains and are committed to continuous work toward a healthy future, inside and out.

To become a member, companies complete a Best Practices Agreement that verifies how the company adheres to the core principles of the sustainable furniture movement. 

Following review and approval, SFC Members are able to:

  • Show their business is a verified sustainable furnishings proponent by using the SFC Member seal on all business items (cards, print materials, online, etc.). This symbol of approval is a validator many purchasers are looking for to know they can trust that their personal values around environmental responsibility are supported by these products and companies.
  • Join the select listing of companies which are granted a landing page on the SFC website, increasing awareness and visibility with those looking for environmentally responsible furniture companies.
  • Grow knowledge and skills through the training SFC provides members on additional ways companies can do more to be even more sustainably sourced and waste free.
  • Connect with other sustainable furnishing companies and designers; growing the network and movement of sustainability in the furniture and design industry around the world.

At Greenington, we have found that our membership in, and verification by, the Sustainable Furnishings Council has been a unique aspect of our business that has set us apart from other similar furniture makers. Being sustainable is not just a competitive advantage, it’s a core value we hold dearly. Sustainability is key to being a just and ethical company in all we do.

Learn More about our Sustainability | Visit Our Listing on the SFC Site

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