Dear Greenington Customers,

As you are likely well aware, President Trump has announced tariffs on imported goods. Additional tariffs on $200 billion in goods from China are expected soon which will likely affect Greenington products. We have no control of this price dynamic, and expect to be forced to introduce new pricing due to the vast uncertainty surrounding how the tariffs will affect the market.

How does this affect you?

● Tariff implementation will likely lead to price increases.
● Pricing may change upon receipt of a purchase order, depending on the date of tariff implementation.

Greenington is committed to keeping you, our valued partners, notified of any changes as soon as possible – we will continue to communicate with you as we receive updated information. Thank you for your support over the years and into the future, as we navigate the changing economic relationship with China! We greatly appreciate your business and patience during this time.

Team Greenington

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